Apple White and Raven Queen has different opinions which is that they argue about it most of the time. Though, even if they have different opinions, they get along well sometimes. They even consider themselves as "frenemies". In most Chapter 3 webisodes, they are seen together fighting over pictures for the Ever After Yearbook.

Similarities and Differences Edit


  • They are both female.
  • They are both students at Ever After High.
  • They are on their second year.
  • They both have a good heart.
  • They are in the same tale which is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • They are both good at signing.
  • They are princesses.


  • Raven encourages and wants everyone to write their own destiny.
  • Apple encourages and wants everyone to follow their destinies.
  • Raven is a Rebel.
  • Apple is a Royal.
  • Raven has a rebellious style.
  • Apple's style represents royalty.
  • Raven has magic powers.
  • Apple doesn't have any magic powers.
  • Raven takes more evil classes.
  • Apple takes classes about royalty.

Moments Edit

Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal Edit

Apple was with Briar decorating half of the room for Raven, which is that Apple thought it would make Raven comfortable. But as soon as Raven went in, she was surprised because she thought that Maddie was her roommate. Apple explained, telling she suggested that they should be roommates as they are in the same story, and they would discuss about their story as well. Raven was upset, but Apple told her a few reasons why she can be a great roommate, but Raven was still upset.

Raven and Apple were practicing their rehearsal for Legacy Day, though they have different opinions about Legacy Day. Apple was fully confident, whilst Raven was nervous, as she didn't like that much to be like her mom.