• GalaxyStars101

    Hey guys!

    The voting just ended. So, let's see the results!

    Daring Charming has so many romance moments such as Dizzie, Dapple and Darise. Let's see the results!

    Dapple (Daring and Apple): 7
    Dizzie (Daring and Lizzie): 12
    Darise (Daring and Cerise): 4
    Winner: Dizzie (Daring and Lizzie)

    Let's see who will win Duchess's heart. Sparrow Hood vs Humphrey Dumpty. Let's see who won!

    Sparrow Hood: 14
    Humphrey Dumpty: 6
    Winner: Sparrow Hood

    Ok! The winners are Dizzie and Sparrow Hood. The next round will be aired tomorrow.

    Thanks! And have a wonderlandiful day!

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  • Obsessivedizzieshipper

    Hey! Here are my opinions for couple theme songs. If you have another choice or want another couple to be included, just tell me! Dizzie: Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love 

    Splondie: Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson - Ain't Nobody

    Darise: Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side

    Bropper: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

    Dexven: Lucky in Love - Tayler Buono

    Spuchess: Avril Lavigne - Rock N' Roll

    Dexpid: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me Okay, that's all I can think of. If you have a request I'll put it on! 

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  • GalaxyStars101

    Hey guys!

    I made a new game for all of us to enjoy which is called the OTP Competition Game. In that game, we will vote for our OTP. You will only be able to vote for 5 days (Sunday-Saturday). Every Saturday, check out my blog to see the results. This is only a preview. But don't worry, the game will start on August 22 on Saturday.

    Thanks and have a wonderlandiful day!

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  • GalaxyStars101

    Hey guys! I made another blog to see which friendship quote is the most inspirational.

    Ok. That's all! It was so hard to find quotes like that.

    Anyways, thanks for voting! And please explain why you chose that quote. Thanks again, and have a beautiful day!

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  • GalaxyStars101

    Who do you vote?

    August 15, 2015 by GalaxyStars101

    Hey guys!

    So, the voting just ended, and the winner is... Nothing! Dizzie and Dapple are tie. But don't worry, Dizzie and Dapple will be in my game, you could see my game in my latest blog. That was only a preview, but don't worry! It will start on Saturday.

    Thanks! And have a wonderlandiful day!

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  • Obsessivedizzieshipper

    Hey! Here are my theme song choices for the Charcters:

    Apple White: Charli XCX - !franchesckaar!

    Raven Queen: Lorde - royals

    Madeline Hatter: Kerli - Tea Party

    Briar Beauty: Charli XCX - break the rules

    Ashlynn Ella: Zedd ft. Foxes - clarity

    Hunter Huntsman: Daniel Beddingfield - if you're not the one

    Cerise Hood: The Pierces - secret

    C.A. Cupid: Charli XCX - boom clap

    Kitty Cheshire: Avril Lavigne - smile

    Lizzie Hearts: Marina And The Diamonds - solitare

    Blondie Lockes: Marina And The Diamonds - oh no!

    Cedar Wood: IB - puppet

    Duchess Swan: Ashley Tidsdale - i want it all

    Ginger Breadhouse: Lil Debbie - BAKE A CAKE

    Faybelle Thorn: The Hex Girls - hex girl

    Poppy O' Hair: Lady Gaga - hair

    Holly O' Hair: Willow Smith - whip my hair

    Darling Charming: Tata Young…

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  • GalaxyStars101

    Character polls!!

    August 7, 2015 by GalaxyStars101

    Hey guys! I add this blog to see who is the best character. Ok, let's get started.

    Thanks for voting!

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  • Obsessivedizzieshipper

    Hey there! here they are:

    Dizzie:                                       Darise:                                      Dapple:

    I I I I I I I                                        I I I                                               I I I I

    Okay! so, who do you ship? :D

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