Blondie Lockes
Daughter of Goldilockes
Side Royal
Birthday September 9
Roommate C.A. Cupid
BFFAs Apple White
Briar Beauty
Favourite Subject Debate

Blondie Lockes is a Royal in Ever After High. She has a complicated family since she is not from royal blood, but wishes to follow her destiny. Blondie is also the host of her show, Just Right. Blondie could be sometimes nosy and and she is also choosy.


Blondie is a nosy and picky girl who wants everything to be Just Right. Blondie said, " A good reporter always knows where the story is". Meaning to say that a good reporter should can sense where to be to pick up a story. So, Blondie could also be a good reporter.

Appearance Edit

Blondie has curly blonde hair due to her name "Blondie". She has blue eyes.

Name Edit

Blondie's name reffers to the color blonde, like her hair color. Goldilocks's hair was blonde, so that is likely where the name comes from.

Family Edit

Blondie's mother is Goldilocks from the tale The Three Bears. It is unknown who her father is or if she has any more family.

Friends Edit

Blondie's BFFA is Apple White. She is also good friends with Briar Beauty and Lizzie Hearts. Her roommate is C.A. Cupid, so they likely get along with each other.

Romance Edit

Blondie does not have a boyfriend or crush, although it is likely she has a thing for Daring Charming, like many other girls in the school.

Pet Edit

Blondie owns a baby bear named Grizz that she received on Legacy Year.

Powers Edit

Blondie can unlock any door with her hair clips. Holly O'Hair uses her assistance to help her get doors unlocked, since they are always shutting behind her due to destiny.

Class Schedule Edit

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Debate
  • Grimmnastics
  • Storytelling 101
  • Beast Training & Care
  • Crownculus

Color Scheme Edit

Blondie's color scheme consists of: blue, gold, black and brown.