Briar Beauty
Profile art - Briar Beauty
Daughter of the Sleeping Beauty
Side Royal
Birthday August 9
Roommate Ashlynn Ella
BFFAs Apple White
Ashlynn Ella
Blondie Lockes
Favourite Subject Royal Student Council

Briar Beauty is an energetic, lively girl who loves to party. She fears sleeping for 100 years, due to the fact she will miss out on all the parties and her friends. Even though she would love to miss out on this flaw in her story, she is still a Royal.


Briar is lively, and is always up for a good party or day out. She tries to have loads of fun at once, so she can "live it up now". Briar occupies herself by doing all-sorts, to partying, stunting, organizing, and anything to do with fun.


Briar has wavy brown hair with pink streaks. Her eyes are brown.


A "Briar" is a thorn of a rose. Sometimes her mother is referred to as "Briar Rose".


Briar's mother is Sleeping Beauty. Her father is likely Sleeping Beauty's prince. She has eight little brothers named Tenacity, Courage, Gallantry, Honor, Loyalty and the triplets. Her cousin is Rosabella Beauty, meaning her aunt is Beauty from the tale Beauty And The Beast.


Briar's BFFA is Apple White. Her roommate is Ashlynn Ella, and they seem to get on well. She also gets on with Rosabella, her cousin.


Hopper Croackington II has a crush on her, and it is likely she has a thing for him. Despite this, she is waiting for her prince, who is 100 years away.


Briar received a unicorn on legacy year which she named Divacorn.


Even whilst sleeping, Briar can hear from miles away. This way, she can keep up with the latest gossip.

Early LifeEdit

As a child, Briar still had the personality she does today. She enjoyed going on quests and playing with her brothers. She also slept a lot, inherited from her mother.

Class ScheduleEdit

  • Crownculus
  • Damsel-in-distressing
  • Princessology
  • Royal Student Council
  • Grimmnastics
  • Kingdom Management

Color SchemeEdit

Briar's color scheme consists of: pink and black.