Bunny Blanc
Profile art - Bunny Blanc
Daughter of The White Rabbit
Side Royal
Birthday unknown
Roommate Faybelle Thorn
BFFAs Alistair Wonderland
Lizzie Hearts
Kitty Cheshire
Madeline Hatter
Favourite Subject Muse-ic

Bunny Blanc is a shy and timid girl at Ever After High. Bunny is a Royal, because she is excited for her future role as the White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland. She can turn into a rabbit at will.


Bunny is shy and timid, yet kind and helpful. She is calm, but can be mad and frightened at times. She gets nervous when problems arise, and snuggles up to somebody or turns to a rabbit.


Bunny has shoulder-length straight white hair. Her eyes are teal. She has rabbit ears, which are likely attached to her hat. However, the ears move with her emotions.


Bunny's father is the White Rabbit. It is unknown who her mother is or if she has any more family.


Bunny's closest friends are the Wonderlandians, such as Alistair Wonderland, Kitty Cheshire, Madeline Hatter and Lizzie Hearts.


Bunny has a crush on Alistair, but she thinks he sees her as just a friend. In truth, Alistair has a big crush on Bunny and Vice-A-Versa.


It is unknown who Bunny's pet is, if any.


Bunny can transfom into a rabbit at will. If she gets nervous or scared, she will poof into a small white bunny with her black hat.

Class ScheduleEdit

  • Royal Student Council

Color SchemeEdit

Bunny's color scheme consists of: white, black, gold, grey, pink and mint green.