When I run like the wind, I feel free. I wish I could join the school track team, but I have to hide my strengths.
— Cerise in her diary
Cerise Hood
Profile art - Cerise Hood
Daughter of Red Riding Hood
Side Rebel
Birthday October 13th
Roommate Cedar Wood
BFFAs Cedar Wood
Raven Queen
Favourite Subject Grimmnastics

Cerise Hood is a shy girl, with dark secrets. There is a complication in her family, as her mother is Red Riding Hood, like everybody knows. But not many know that her father is The Big Bad Wolf. Having her father be a wolf, Cerise has natural wolf ears that she struggles to hide. This is why she constantly tries to keep her hood up.


Cerise is mysterious, shy and insecure. This is due to her family secret, and she constantly tries to hide in the shadows. When she is suprised, some of her wolf forms are revealed. Her eyes turn yellow, and she growls.


Cerise has long, straight brown hair with a white streak. She has misty silver eyes.


Cerise is a shade of red, likely a name her mother chosen. "Cerise" also means "Cherry" in french, and the color of cherries are infact Cerise.


Cerise's mother is Red Riding Hood. Her father is secretly The Big Bad Wolf. Her sister is Ramona Badwolf, the next Big Bad Wolf. Their relationship as sisters is also a secret.


Cerise's BFFA is Cedar Wood. She also gets along with Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen, as they know of her secret.


Cerise likely has a crush on Daring Charming. However, it is unknown if they are dating yet.


Cerise's direwolf is called Carmine. "Carmine" is another shade of red, and is a close shade to Cerise.


Ceise has a magical hood, and she can hide into the shadows with it at will. She can also run at top speed, due to being part wolf. She can also change fully into a wolf.

Class ScheduleEdit

  • Chemythstry
  • Grimmnastics

Color SchemeEdit

Cerise's color scheme consists of: red, brown, black and sometimes white or silver.