Courtly Jester is the daughter of The Joker Card. Her first appearance was seen in Way Too Wonderland. She was also the villain and was later voted by the public to be freed. It is unknown whether Courtly is part of the Royals or Rebels.

Personality Edit

Courtly was formerly a bad girl. She was the villain of Way Too Wonderland. Courtly tried to steal Lizzie Hearts's destiny, but failed miserably. This lead to Raven Queen taking away most of her powers.

Appearance Edit

Courtly has ash blonde hair with purple and blue streaks and has bangs which covers her right eye. She has white diamond make-up on her left eye.

Name Edit

Not much is known about her name, but "court jester" refers to "Courtly Jester", which is likely because of herbeing a joker card.

Family Edit

Courtly is the daughter of The Joker Card. It is unknown who her mother/father is, or if she has any more family.

Friends Edit

It is unknown who her friends are, but in the vote for her freedom, there was a choice of Lizzie Hearts, Duchess Swan, and Raven Queen. Still, none of the following were mentioned during the episode"What's In The Cards For Courtly Jester?"

Romance Edit

In the vote, Alistair Wonderland was nominated to be Courtly's crush, though Alistair is supposedlywith Bunny Blanc.

Powers Edit

Courtly doesn't have powers. But she got some magic with the Evil Queen's spell book, which were later taken away from her by Raven.

Class Schedule Edit


*General Villainy

*Hextreme Croquet