Darling Charming wants to be a hero instead of a "damsel-in-distress". So, she sticks with the Rebels. She has no desires to become a princess. Darling would rather be a White Knight of Wonderland, her secret identity. None know of this until the end of "Way Too Wonderland."

Darling Charming
Daughter of King Charming and Queen Charming
Side Rebel
Birthday Unknown
Roommate Rosabella Beauty
BFFAs Rosabella Beauty and Raven Queen
Favourite Subject Hero Training


Darling is coy, charming and brave. Darling hates being ladylike, and she would rather be a tomboy-ish girl. She doesn't like it when people treat her like she is a helpless damsel, as she knows she has a brave heart.


Darling has light blonde/white hair with ice blue streaks. She has smoky blue eyes like the other Charmings, specifically her brothers.


Darling's mother is Queen Charming. Her father is King Charming. She has two brothers, Daring Charming and Dexter Charming.


Darling's BFFA and roommate is Rosabella Beauty. She also gets along with Raven Queen, as they both stand up for what they believe in. She is also good friends with Dexter, her brother.


Darling would prefer to have a heroic boy as her match, but Daring and Dexter chase away boys or creatures from afar who try to ask her out.


Darling has a pet horse name Sir Gallopad, and he can change his color at will. In the new pet toys, she appears to have a dog. Her Dragon Games dragon is Hero Wing.


If Darling flips her hair and smile demurely, everything and everyone slows down apart from her. She helped the real White Knight out of his armour by this act.

Class ScheduleEdit

  • Hero Training
  • Damsel-In-Distressing
  • Grimmnastics
  • Princessology
  • Advanced Wooing
  • Muse-ic

Color SchemeEdit

Darling color scheme consists of: blue, white, silver and pink.