Holly O'Hair
Daughter of Rapunzel
Side Royal
Birthday June 19
Roommate Poppy O'Hair
BFFAs Poppy O'Hair and Blondie Lockes
Favourite Subject Damsel-In-Distressing

Holly O'Hair is a sweet, shy and caring girl at Ever After High. She is looking forward for being the next Rapunzel. Thus, making her a Royal. She has a sister named Poppy O'Hair. It was revealed in "O' Hair's Split Ends" that they found out that their grandmother switched their birth certificates, but they kept it a secret so they could follow the destinies they always wanted.

Personality Edit

Holly is a domestic and smart girl. She loves writing fanfics and stories. She treats Apple White and Briar Beauty like celebrities. Holly is afraid of heights and could accidentally lock herself in her room due to her story. She needs the assistance of Blondie Lockes to open up the locked door.

Appearance Edit

Holly has a long Auburn hair with a braid on her left side. She has gray eyes.

Name Edit

Holly is a flower, Which means "domesticate happiness". Rapunzel's name also represents a flower, so it could be likely her name would be like that too.

Family Edit

Holly's mother is known as Rapunzel. She has a grandma whose name is Nanny Nona. She also has a twin sister named Poppy O'Hair. It Is unknown who Holly's father Is.

Friends Edit

Holly's BFFA is Poppy O'Hair. She is also friends with Blondie lockes, who she asks assistance from when she's locked in her room by accident. She could also be friends with Lizzie Hearts who she partners with when sneaking out. She also treats Apple White and Briar Beauty as some sort of superstars, so she could be a fan.

Romance Edit

Holly has a crush on Daring Charming and wants nobody to know this, especially Apple White.

Powers Edit

Holly uses her strong and long hair by sneaking out, climbing an object and many more. She could also sell her hair, but still uses it for habits.

Class Schedule Edit

  • Damsel-In-Distressing
  • Princessology
  • Advanced Wooing
  • Grimmnastics
  • Muse-ic
  • Kingdom Management

Color Scheme Edit

Holly's color scheme consists of: purple, pink, white and gold.