Lizzie Hearts Edit

Lizzie Hearts is known as Kitty's best friend and is seen in Lizzie Hearts's Diary that they've been friends since Nursery Rhyme school in Wonderland. Kitty also said (referring to Lizzie and her friendship), "Crowns and Smiles under one tree". Meaning to say, " We're best friends forever after".
You can also see them interacting at the hallways, at the cafeteria and at places in The Village Of Book End.

Madeline HatterEdit

Kitty's roommate is Madeline Hatter. They have been friends for a long time, due to living in wonderland and growing up together. In "Kitty's Curious Tale", Madeline tries to ask Kitty if she is a Royal or a Rebel, but kitty responds with "Chaos is keeping people guessing, and that makes this kitty purr". This is because Maddie is a chatterbox, and she can blurt out her secrets.
Madeline and Kitty - KCT

Duchess Swan Edit

In the episode Kitty's Curious Tale, the female narrator said that Kitty and

Duchess Swan were having a tea party in The Mad Hatter's Tea Shoppe, so they could be acquaintances.

Cerise HoodEdit

Kitty and Cerise Hood are enemies at Ever After High. In "The Cat Who Cried Wolf", Kitty finds out about Cerise's secret and proposes to tell the school and upstage her. To stop Kitty from telling the school, Raven Queen saves her by saying "I can't belive the speen spell i cast on your sneakers actually worked!", and she casts a speed spell on Kitty's shoes to get rid of her for a while.
The Cat Who Cried Wolf - the confrontation