Depictions in WebisodesEdit

Chapter OneEdit

Stark Raven MadEdit

Lizzie Hearts - Stark Raven Mad
Lizzie was inside Baba Yaga's office beheading Raven Queen saying her signature quote due to disagreeing at what Raven thinks.

Chapter 2Edit

Lizzie Hearts Fairytale First DateEdit

Daring - Painting for Lizzie

Daring's painting of Lizzie

Lizzie went inside Beanstalk Bakery and ordered. But as she ordered, Daring Charming Interrupted by ordering something for Lizzie which made her annoyed. As Lizzie walks out, Daring gave her a rose which she cut. Lizzie was eating lunch at the castleteria. Lizzie went on a ride with Daring at the climax. At the denouement, Lizzie winked at Daring.

Lizzie Shuffles the DeckEdit

Captain Lizzie

Team Captain Lizzie Hearts

Lizzie showed Briar Beauty, Apple White, and Blondie Lockes how to play croquet. Lizzie commanded them to beat the Rebels. Apple said to Lizzie to make a speech. Lizzie agreed and shouted her signature quote. Lizzie showed Briar the daily deck of instructions that the Queen of Hearts gave to her and soon realized her mistakes due to Briar supporting her. She apologizes and they forgave her.

Depictions in SpecialsEdit

Spring UnsprungEdit

It was first seen that Lizzie was walking in the Enchanted Forest, looking for the Well of Wonder for inspiration for her outfits. She showed her friends the outfits she has made and was happy about it. Blondie Lockes asked Lizzie why she done some outfits. Lizzie explained, saying that she made those outfits to represent Wonderland. Lizzie then took a ride on some of the rides in the Spring Fairest Festival. She got angry at Kitty Cheshire for doing a prank on the ride. As Kitty complains, they saw Alistair Wonderland and Bunny Blanc. Lizzie was surprised, feeling very happy. After seeing the Books of Riddles (which Alistair and Bunny thought was the Storybook of Legends), she got curioused.