This page will show you all the lines each character said in this episode.


Daring Charming: Come on Sparrow, give me a real challenge!
Sparrow Hood: I'm betting you can't get a date, with the next girl who walkes through that door!
Daring Charming: Oh, you are on! What are we betting?
Hopper Croakington II: How 'bout, loser has to wash the loser's Grimmnastics uniform...after swamp swimming!
Daring Charming and Sparrow Hood: Eww, done!
Sparrow Hood: Lizzie Hearts?! Good luck with that one, ow!
Daring Charming: The usual my good barista, and the same for the lady.
Lizzie Hearts: Off with the foam!
Daring Charming: Would these flowers change your mind? I grew them, using the light from my teeth.
Sparrow Hood: Ha!
Daring Charming: I got this...
Daring Charming: Check it out, I painted this just now. Am I charming, or what?
Lizzie Hearts: No, you're not.
Daring Charming: Well, actually, I am know, 'cause it's my last name...
Daring Charming: Oh Lizzie!
Lizzie Hearts: What?
Daring Charming: I thought you might want a tour of the castle...on dragon back, whaaat!?
Daring Charming: You gotta admit, that that was pretty Spelltacular! Is...something...wrong?
Lizzie Hearts: I would go out with you, but...I've never been on a date before!
Daring Charming: Well, all those things we did today, that was pretty much a date.
Lizzie Hearts: But that was...quite lovely.
Daring Charming: Maybe you'd like to do it again, sometime?
Lizzie Hearts: Mwah. Can we keep this a secret? Future Queen of Hearts! I've kinda got a crazy rep going.
Daring Charming: Sure I-I won't tell anyone.
Sparrow Hood: Yeah, that's right! Scrub it good for Sparrow Hood! Yeah!
Daring Charming: *Happily sighs*