This page will show you all the lines each character said in this episode.



Lizzie Hearts: And that, is how it's done. As Royal Team Captain, and Future Queen of Hearts, I command you to beat those Rebels!
Briar Beauty: But we've been trying, and we're not just very good.
Apple White: Lizzie, why don't you give us a royally inspirational speech!
Lizzie Hearts: Okay, play better or... OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! And Briar, OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! And Blondie, OFF WITH YOUR-
Blondie Lockes: Okay! This is so not just right! We quit!
Apple White: Yeah, me too.
Briar Beauty: See ya Lizzie.
Apple White: Terribly sorry.
Lizzie Hearts: Fine!
Ashlynn Ella: Hunter, your favorite! Veggie burgers with-
Hunter Huntsman: Ugh!
Ashlynn Ella: Oh?
Lizzie Hearts: *Sighs*
Briar Beauty: Lizzie, you know, if you wanna have more friends, maybe you shouldn't act so-
Dexter Charming: Excuse me, can i borrow your salt?
Lizzie Hearts: NO! OFF WITH THE SALT!
Dexter Charming: Ah! Ah!
Briar Beauty: Lizzie, why do you always have to yell?
Lizzie Hearts: My mother says, it's the only way to rule your subjects!
Briar Beauty: We're not your subjects, We're your friends! And wait, when did you talk to your mom?
Lizzie Hearts: She gave me a daily deck of instructions for the whole school year.
Briar Beauty: Rule my way I'll be watching? Heh. Being a Royal, doesn't have to mean we have to do exactly what our parents did! I like to think...the details are up to us.
Lizzie Hearts: Mother told me to follow her words...but, she didn't in which order! True friends, not subjects...I will rule my way.
Apple White: *Giggling* oh!
Lizzie Hearts: Hey guys. Well...I've acted a bit off...with my friends. Forgive me?
Apple White: Of course!
Blondie Lockes: Grab a mallet, and let's show those Rebel's who's wicked!
Lizzie Hearts, Blondie Lockes, Briar Beauty, Apple White: Off with their heads! *Laughing*