Poppy O'Hair
Poppy O'Hair picture
Daughter of Rapunzel
Side Roybel
Birthday June 19
Roommate Holly O'Hair
BFFAs Holly O'Hair and Ashlynn Ella
Favourite Subject Princess Design

Poppy O'Hair is a supportive and caring girl at Ever After High. She is also known to be stylish and creative. She works at the Tower Hair Salon. She has an older sister whose name is Holly O'Hair. And it was revealed in O'Hair's Split ends that their birth certificates were switched, this means Poppy is actually the older one. The two kept it a secret to follow their own path.

Personality Edit

Poppy is known to be creative and caring due to working at the Tower Hair Salon in The Village of Book End. She can also be confident at times.

Appearance Edit

Poppy has a short hair with purple bangs on her right side and the rest of her hair is Auburn in color. She has green eyes and has fair skin.

Name Edit

A "Poppy" is a flower, likely due to her mother and sister's names.

Family Edit

Poppy is the daughter of Rapunzel. Her twin sister's name is Holly O'Hair. She has a grandmother named Nanny Nona. It is unknown who her father is, but he is likely Rapunzel's prince.

Friends Edit

Poppy's BFFA is Holly O'Hair due to being twin sisters. Poppy is also friends with Ashlynn Ella due to working at The Village of Book End.