I'm sick of everyone thinking I'm so "evil" because my mom was.
— Raven in "Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel"
Raven Queen
Profile art - Raven Queen
Daughter of The Evil Queen
Side Rebel
Birthday November 25
Roommate Apple White
BFFAs Madeline Hatter
Cerise Hood
Cedar Wood
Dexter Charming (boyfriend)
Lizzie Hearts
Apple White (sometimes)
C.A. Cupid
Holly O'Hair (possible)
Favourite Subject Muse-ic

Raven Queen, who has no sympathy for her future role, is a kind girl and would rather write her own destiny than become the next Evil Queen. She stands against the destiny conflict, causing her to be a Rebel. Her story is putting her destined nemesis Apple White in danger.


Raven is kind, friendly and down-to-earth. She doesn't want to be evil like her mother. As a secret, she enjoys playing music and singing. She is true to herself, and likes to help others. She is friendly, putting her future role down, as the Evil Queen was never supposed to act like Raven.


Raven is a beautiful girl with raspberry purple and black hair. Her eyes are a misty purple color. She has cherry purple lips and has fair skin.


A raven is a type of bird, which represents evil.


Raven's setting is Queen Castle. Before moving to Ever After High, she lived there with her father the Good King, Ooglot the Ogre, their servants, Cook and Cook's four year old twin sons Butternut and Pie that Raven occasionally babysat.


Raven's mother is the Evil Queen. Her father is the good king whom she has a good relationship with.


Raven's BFFA is Madeline Hatter. She is also good friends with Cerise Hood and Cedar Wood, though all Rebels look down to her.


Raven was asked out by Dexter Charming, and it is likely they have became a couple. Nevertheless, it is still unknown.


Raven has a pet dragon named Nevermore that she received on Legacy Year. As a child, she had a puppy named Prince that her father had given to her. Despite that, her mother turned him into a bone-rat.


Raven can levitate anything telekinetically. Her powers get out of control due to her temper. They are only used for bad, though they seemed to work normally in Just Sweet and Way Too Wonderland.

Early lifeEdit

Raven was a loving child, and never thought much of her destiny. Until her mother tricked her that was. The Evil Queen tricked Raven into turning Prince, her puppy, into a difference "special potion". Little did Raven know, it was going to be a bad turn to Prince. Rave eagerly tipped the potion over Prince, and he turned into a rat named Bubonick. After that, Raven has sworn never to be like her mother.

Class ScheduleEdit

  • General Villainy
  • History of Evil Spells
  • Home Evil-nomics
  • Grimmnastics
  • Kingdom Mis-management
  • Muse-ic Class
  • poison Fruit Theory
  • Magicology

Colour SchemeEdit

Raven's colour scheme consists of: purple, black, and silver.