The Rebels of Ever After High are the ones who doesn't want to follow their destinies and write their own. The first Rebel was Bella Sister. And it is likely now that Raven Queen functions as the leader of the Rebels. Most Rebels have tragic endings in their stories. Some like Raven Queen, Cerise Hood, and many more Rebels. While some became one for unrevealed reasons like Kitty Cheshire.

Raven QueenEdit

Raven Queen functions as the leader of the Rebels. She thinks that she would rather be kind than being evil. Unlike her mother, Raven has a kind, caring, and supportive personality. She has the talent to sing. She also has magic powers. Although, she couldn't control it. But it seems in Way Too Wonderland that she got along with her magic well.

Madeline HatterEdit

Madeline Hatter looks forward to her destiny being the next Mad Hattress. But stills joins the Rebels and help Raven Queen in writing her own destiny. Most people would call her "Maddie" for short.