Rosabella Beauty is the daughter of Beauty and the Beast. Rosabella is a Rebel, thus she is not willing to take her destiny. Strong willed, brave, courageous and determined, Rosabella always looks out for animals or beasts in need, as all animals are beautiful to her.

Rosabella Beauty
Rosabella Profile art
Daughter of Beauty and the Beast
Side Rebel
Birthday Unknown
Roommate Darling Charming
BFFAs Briar Beauty and Cerise Hood
Favourite Subject Royal Student Council

Personality Edit

Rosabella is a determined and courageous girl who sticks up for what she believes in, and doesn't judge people by what they look like. She openly speaks her mind, but can get easily angry and often experiences sore throats after "roaring" about injustices. Rosabella especially loves the beasts, and says that all animals are beautiful to her.

Appearance Edit

Rosabella has brown eyes and long brown hair with red streaks. She wears square brown glasses with red roses in the corners.

Family Edit

Rosabella's mother is the daughter of Beauty, also known as Belle. Her father is the beast. Her aunt is Sleeping Beauty, thus her cousin is Briar Beauty.

Friends Edit

Rosabella is friends with Apple White, Cedar Wood, Cerise Hood and Briar Beauty, her cousin. Darling Charming also considers Rosabella as a close friend.

Romance Edit

Rosabella is looking forward to her beast, but has no boyfriend or crush at the moment.