The Royals are the ones who are looking forward to their destinies. Most royals are from royal blood, but some (Blondie Lockes for example) have complications with being a Royal.

Apple White Edit

Apple White seems to function as the leader of the Royals due to the fact that she always thinks that people should follow what they are meant to be. Apple looks down on Raven to sign the Storybook of Legends. She is also described as the "fairest of them all". She is also the most popular student at Ever After High.

Briar Beauty Edit

Briar Beauty is known as the daughter of The Sleeping Beauty. Briar thought that it would be better to be a Rebel but still sticks with Royals together with Apple White.

Ashlynn EllaEdit

It is unknown if Ashlynn Ella is a Royal or Rebel at Ever After High, as the lines of what she said in True Hearts Day - Part 3 and Thronecoming, she is referring that she is one with a Royals and Rebels. This could mean Ashlynn hopes to be be a Roybel.

Lizzie HeartsEdit

Lizzie Hearts is a misunderstood Royal at Ever After High. With a small desire to become a kinder and quieter Queen Of Hearts, Lizzie is looking forward to her destiny.

Blondie LockesEdit

Blondie Lockes is a choosy perfectionist from Ever After High. Blondie wants everything to be "Just Right", meaning done properly and perfectly. Blondie is also a chatterbox, and some see it as bragging.

Holly O'HairEdit

Holly O'Hair is a kind and sweet Royal from Ever After High. Holly loves to write fanfiction about her friends and herself, and is imaginative. Holly is secretly the younger twin of Poppy O'Hair, so they keep a secret. This was revealed by their Nanny Nona.

Duchess SwanEdit

Even if she is with the Royals, Duchess Swan dislikes her destiny due to having a tragic ending. As a matter of fact, she would steal others Happily Ever Afters. Duchess gets jealous of some princesses who has a very lucky ending such as Apple White and Ashlynn Ella. Even though she dislikes her destiny, she still wanted to be like Queen Odette in her diary.